The Best Game To Prank On Friends

The plot of the scary maze game looks to be elementary. Definitely, the game itself is not difficult. There are no instructions and a single easy tip: do not strike the sides. Anything else carries on to the player. The game can possibly be totally managed just with the mouse. It’s more challenging than it seems to be. You should take care to do not touch the walls because if that takes place you will have to start the level from the very start. Play the scary maze game for free at

You will be a pink point that moves through some kind of maze with the only purpose of leaving it. If you will cope to get to the finish of the maze you will have the chance to head to the second level. Every level is much harder than the prior one, therefore, you will definitely have a tough time trying to finish the game. There are 4 levels that have to be finalized by the player in order to accomplish the scary maze game. For each level you have a different shape for the labyrinth.

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